Date: Friday, May 10th

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: none

Strength: 10 Minutes: Work to a heavy  Front Rack Weighted Barbell Carry.  20’ Down 20’ Back

Try to complete 4-5 sets in the alloted time.

Super Set: none

Conditioning: “binary crunch”

Every 2:30 x 8

Round 1

10/12 Cal Rower + 12 Thrusters (35/65/95)

H – 6 Thrusters

Round 2

10/12 Cal Rower + 24 Wall Balls (10/14/20)

H – 12 Wall Balls

Guide: roughly :45 rest after each round

Scale Up:

Coaching Notes: Pick the amount of cals and weight accordingly. Looking to get around 1 min- :30 rest every round. On the rower, make sure to reach your handle in towards to monitor and then lean back and pull, trying to get the longest pull you can every single stroke. Breath at the top of your thruster, and let the weight of the bar pull you into the bottom of the squat. As for the wall balls, shoot for unbroken sets. As you throw the ball, keep your heels on the ground as use the energy driven through the shoulders to help save your legs.

Cash Out: Foam Roll