Date: Friday, August 9

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: none

Strength: 3×10 Tempo Floor Press 21X1

Super Set: 100ft sled drag 

Conditioning: “A Time For Everything”

3 Rounds not for time

30 DB Snatch (from the floor alternating hands each rep) (15/25/45)

30 Hollow Rocks

30 DB Box Step Overs

Guide: 8-12 min 

Scale Up:

 weighted hollow rocks

Coaching Notes: Conditioning; keep the db at an angle as you come back down to the floor to help shorten the distance, before you pull the db overhead with your arm make sure to extend all of your legs/ hips. Break up the hollow rocks as needed, scale by bringing in your knees to chest and taking your hands and reaching for the heel. 

Cash Out: 3x 20 banded pull throughs + 10 cal bike 

HPT: none