A) Whiteboard Brief (0:00 – 3:00)
– Metcon: Have fun today and worry less about your strategy and more about simply moving and getting a good sweat. Nothing today should stop you in your tracks though and should be able to move consistently splitting work with your partner as you see fit.
B) Warm Up (3:00 – 15:00)

”Powerwalk Races” Set your class up in rows as you would for a dynamic warmup. Coach calls ”3-2-1-go,” and each ”walker” leaves their mark. They ”race” down and back and upon return, they high-five the person behind them in line, and that person takes off. Make sure you have your video equipment out for this one. Then, Review: – Wall balls – Buddy Carry – T2B – Burpees
C) Metcon (20:00 – 55:00)
AMRAP 30 with a partner:

Buy in: 400 Meter Partner Buddy Carry (split as needed)

*Any heavy odd object can be used as a substitute here (a heavy sandbag is a good choice)

Then, With remaining time AMRAP:

400 Meter Row

30 Wallballs

20 T2B

10 Burpees

*One person works. Split as desired.

Rx+:(Burpees Over the Rower) L2: (14, 10) (Knee Lifts) L1: (10, 8) (Abmat Sit-ups)