A) Notes about today’s training
What the client needs to know:
– Strength: Build to a 2RM front squat in 10 sets progressively adding weight each set.
– Metcon: Select a weight for this workout which is moderately heavy, but will allow you to finish in the
8-minute time cap. You should be able to get through the front squats in large or unbroken sets.
What the coach needs to know:
– Strength: Submaximal Effort Method – Goal: Build to 90-95% of current 1RM front squat in 10 sets.
This will be tested on 11/18 for a 1RM for reference. Submaximal Method will typically be done to
improve motor patterns with increased loading which will lead to improvements in strength-endurance
but also exposure to higher loads for longer sets.
– Metcon: Glycolytic Power – Goal: Fast 20-40s bursts of work with a challenging load – Effort at
90-95%. This should NOT be able to be done UB for MOST. Last tested on 8/12. Glycolytic Power
stimulates an increase in the enzymes involved in anaerobic glycolysis and shifts the metabolism ok
working muscles to rely more on anaerobic vs. aerobic metabolism
B) Warm Up (3:00 – 15:00)
1) Box Programming Dynamic Warm-up – perform 5 minutes of this – skips, walking lunges, carioca, ect.
2) Mobility – Oscillatory Foam Rolling Lateral Hip x 45s seconds each side + 30s Dynamic Pigeon Pose
each side
3) Activation: AMRAP 3 – 5 Romanian Deadlifts (squeeze glutes hard at top) + 5 X-Band Walks Left + 5
4) CNS Prep: KB Squat Jumps: 3 x 3
C) Strength (20:00 – 40:00)
1) Front Squat: 2RM in 10 sets. Rest 2:00
– Goal: 90-95% of current 1RM if known
– 1RM is being tested on 11/18.
– Beginner: 5 x 5, adding weight if form permits
2) Power Clean: 3 x 3, touch n go – building to work weight. Rest 60s.
D) Conditioning (45:00 – 55:00)
”Simple Man”
For time:
Power Cleans (155, 105)
Front Squat (155, 105)
L3: (135, 95)
L2: (115, 75)
L1: (95, 65)
8:00 Cap
E) Extra Credit (55:00 – 60:00)
Banded Pull-through: 4 x 25. Rest 60s.
– sumo stance