What the client needs to know:
– Skill:
 Week 3 of gymnastics skill work – the final week of this work so you should be feeling good about your new-found skills.
– Metcon: Look to sustain a moderate level of output for both the run intervals and the row intervals. This workout can be as challenging as you’d like to make based on how hard you push each set, but today we are looking for sustainability.
What the coach needs to know:
– Skill: Specific Strength – Goal: Perform chosen movement under slight fatigue in EMOM to reinforce what people have learned. The final week of this work. Specific Strength refers to motor patterns that are essential to sporting activity. This is most effectively done with the Olympic Lifts & Gymnastics as both modalities qualify as “specific”
– Metcon: Aerobic Power – Goal: come up with a plan to maintain a consistent 70% effort for the entire 20 minutes. Aerobic power is the ability of the muscles to use oxygen received from the heart and lungs to produce energy. As we build our clients’ VO2 max sustaining higher levels of aerobic power without going anaerobic across longer conditioning pieces will be possible, but the crux of this work is having an efficient aerobic system in place which we use lower-effort measures like Cardiac Output to effective develop the vascular network.

B) WARM UP (3:00 – 15:00)

PVC Game
* every time PVC Drops
1st Drop: 10 BW Walking Lunges
2nd Drop: Worlds Greatest Stretch x 20s each
3rd Drop: 10 Hollow Rocks + 10 Supermans
4th Drop: 10 V-Ups + 10 Front Squats w. empty bar
Review All Metcon Movements:
– Rowing
– Pose Running Drills

C) STRENGTH (20:00 – 40:00)

Gymnastics Skill – Week #3
Choose 1 Movement to work on 5 minutes – same movement as last week or different – client choice.
EMOM 10:
ODD Minutes: 30s of Skill Work
EVEN Minutes: 30s Hard Effort Rowing or Bike

D) CONDITIONING (40:00 – 60:00)

EMOM 20:
ODD Minutes: 10 Calorie Row
EVEN Minutes: 100 Meter Run


1a) Glute March on a Bench: 3 x 20 (total). No rest.
1b) KB Curls: 3 x 20. Rest 60s.