What the client needs to know:
– Strength:
 Week 2 and final week of these upper variations – all sets should be challenging.
– Metcon: Going light on this workout is incredibly IMPORTANT – you could easily use up the allotted rest you have if you’re not smart. Choose a load that you can complete AT LEAST half of the work UB.
What the coach needs to know:
– Strength: Repetition Effort Method – Goal: 2 warm-up sets followed by 4 challenging work sets. This work will be done next week as well. Repeated Effort Method stimulates muscular hypertrophy and is used to target specific limitations with lagging muscle groups. RE method also Increases neuromuscular efficiency and increases the ability of the muscle to generate force – carries over nicely to multi-joint movements not mention looking better naked.
– Metcon: Glycolytic Capacity: Goal: High-effort, 90% using the built-in rest to recover. People MUST go light with this workout even advanced athletes. If people have to break up sets more than twice they’ll miss the boat on the intent. There should be AT LEAST 2:00 of rest each round so scaling needs to be on point today. Glycolytic Capacity Method is the ability to sustain anaerobic energy production for extended periods of time is important. It stimulates an increase in the buffering mechanism involved with allowing anaerobic glycolysis to continue.

B) WARM UP (3:00 – 15:00)

Grab a barbell and a band and complete
3 rounds of BP
Upper Body Complex #2
8 Bent-over Barbell Rows
Hang Power Cleans
Front Squat
Push Press
15 Banded Pull-aparts
15 banded pushdowns
Review all of today’s metcon movements
– Hang Power Clean
– Front Squat
– Push Press

C) STRENGTH (20:00 – 40:00)

1a) Half-Kneeling Landmine Press: 2/4 x 8 ea. No rest.
– 2 warm-up sets + 4 challenging work sets.
1b) Shoulder Width Grip Pull-ups: 2/4 x 6. Rest 60s.
– Rx+:(Band Resisted Pull-ups)
– 2 warm-up sets + 4 challenging work sets.
2) Warm-up for Metcon x 3 rounds of:
– 5 Hang Power Cleans
– 5 Front Squat
– 5 Push Press

D) CONDITIONING (40:00 – 60:00)

Every 4:00 x 4 sets:
20 Hang Power Cleans (95, 65)
20 Front Squats (95, 65)
20 Push Presses (95, 65)

L3: (75, 55)
L2: (65, 35)
L1: (10 REPS per movement) (65, 35)
Score = slowest split

E) EXTRA CREDIT (55:00 – 60:00)

Rusin Triset x 2-3 rounds. No rest.
Oscillatory foam roll lats x 60s each.