A) Whiteboard Brief (0:00 – 3:00)

General Considerations:
– At the beginning, this workout is all about how you control your energy and pacing during the box jumps. Box jump step-downs will be the easiest way to preserve some energy for the heavier barbells later on because eventually, the barbells will get heavy for all levels.
– The Clean and Jerks are relatively light for the first couple rounds so these can be done in larger sets, however, this will be subjective. Quick singles will be the way to go once the weight gets closer to the max.
– For many, there will be a point where they will not be able to clean the barbell. Since this is an AMRAP 20 they should be trying to get to that point as fast as possible. This could come into play within the first few barbells so having a solid plan will help to maximize their score.

B) Warm Up (3:00 – 15:00)

1) Oscillatory Foam Roll Quads: 1-2 inches of motion x 1-2 spots x 20-30 seconds
2.) 2 Rounds with and empty barbell:
– 2 Hang Power Cleans
– 2 Push Press
– 2 Power Cleans
– 2 Push Jerks
– 2 Squat Cleans
– 2 Split Jerks
3.) 3-4 Rounds: increasing weight each round
– :10 second Passive hand from rig + 10 Scap pull ups
– 15 Banded Pull throughs
– 5 Power/Squat Clean + Jerks as the weight gets heavier *should hit the weight you want to get too during the workout
– 5 Box step ups/Box jump step down as you progress
– 3 Pistols on each side **If you foresee getting to them

C) Conditioning (30:00 – 60:00)

Crossfit Open 20.4
For Time:
30 Box Jump
15 Clean and Jerk 95/65
30 Box Jump
15 Clean and Jerk 135/85
30 Box Jump
10 Clean and Jerk 185/115
30 Single Leg Squats
10 Clean and Jerk 225/135
30 Single Leg Squat
5 Clean and Jerk 275/175
30 Single Leg Squat
5 Clean and jerk 315/205
***20 min cap***

D) Extra Credit (After Class)
Rusin Triset x 2 rounds
2:00 Three way foam roll thoracic spine
3:00 of Parasympathetic Breathing