What the client needs to know:
– Strength: Today we are building a heavy set of 5 in 7 sets in the Back Squat. Be smart and make logical jumps in weight across all sets.
– Metcon: Today’s workout is a combination of grip, core, lower-body endurance. Challenge yourself with all aspects.
What the coach needs to know:
– Strength: – Goal: Build to a heavy set of 5 in 7 sets making logical jumps in weight. The goal of performing sets of 5 for the back squat allows us to give people more exposure to the lift, build better motor patterns, as well as time under tension. Even still, we are looking for PERFECT sets and not sacrificing weight for form. For our Sumo Stance RDLs – the bands pulling forward forces people to maintain good position, engage the lats, and adds a new challenge to an otherwise basic movement.
– Metcon: – Goal: Consistent hard grunt work. Strongman Method is training the ability to maintain proper posture when heart-rate is elevated and fatigue sets in. It improves areas of core muscular endurance, posture, and grip strength. You have the option of using a barbell today instead of KBs. This work is incredibly valuable to athletes of ALL levels. This can be broken up into any distances your people choose – smaller intervals if done inside.

B) WARM-UP (3:00 – 20:00)

– 5 Minutes of Box Programming Dynamic Warm-up – perform 5 minutes of this – skips, walking lunges, carioca, ect.
– 4 Minutes of Oscillatory foam roll hip flexors x 45s seconds each side + biphasic hip flexor stretch x 45 seconds.
– 3 Minutes of AMRAP 3 – 5 Banded Glute Bridges + 5 X-Band Walks Left/Right + Bird Dogs x 5 each.

C) STRENGTH (20:00 – 40:00)

1) Back Squat: Build to a heavy 5 in 7 sets. Rest 2:00
2) Sumo Stance RDLs : 4 x 8. Rest 90s.

D) CONDITIONING (40:00 – 60:00)

With a partner, not for time:
900 Feet Front Rack Carry (53, 35)
100 Reverse Goblet Lunges (70, 53)
300 Meter Overhead + Front Rack Carry (53, 35) (Two KBS)
*One person works – split evenly

L3: (53, 35)
L2: (45, 30)
L1: (35, 25)
*20:00 Cap


– Active Straight Leg Raises x 60s each
– Parasympathetic Breathing x 15-20 breaths – 3 seconds inhale + hold 1 second + 3 second exhale