What the client needs to know:
– Strength: Build to a heavy 3 in the touch n go deadlift. If you were here last week your goal is to exceed last week’s weight if you’re feeling good.
– Metcon: Today’s workout is a mix of the posterior chain and breathing work – you’ll complete 100 Russian KBS but the catch is that EMOM you’ll complete 5 up-downs (like a burpee but not quite)
What the coach needs to know:
– Strength: – Goal: Exceed last week’s weight if people are feeling good. Since we’ve now performed the conventional deadlift for 2 weeks it should be relatively easy to exceed last week’s weight by 5 lbs, but don’t be afraid to have people elevate their plates off of the floor. In fact, most would be better suited pulling from 2-4″ off the floor in order to maintain a neutral spine. It’s also okay for people to autoregulate and NOT exceed last week’s weight if they’re not feeling it.
– Metcon: – Goal: Complete big UB sets of Russian Kettlebell Swings. This is a tricky piece that will likely surprise many people. This workout STARTS WITH 6 UP DOWNS then a set of 6 UP downs is completed each minute. People should be able to complete AT LEAST 20-30 reps each minute. The purpose of this workout is to train the posterior chain, but also more of an anaerobic style conditioning piece – short/intense.

B) WARM-UP (3:00 – 20:00)

– 5 Minutes of Box Programming Dynamic Warm-up – perform 5 minutes of this – skips, walking lunges, carioca, ect.
– 4 Minutes of Oscillatory Foam Rolling Lateral Hip x 45s seconds each side + 30s Dynamic Pigeon Pose each side
– 3 Minutes of AMRAP 3 – 5 KB RDLs (squeeze glutes hard at top) + 5 X-Band Walks Left + 5 Right
– 5 Minutes of Movement Prep – Deadlift & Russian KBS

C) STRENGTH (20:00 – 40:00)

Deadlift: Build to a heavy 3 in 10 sets. Rest 2:00
– Touch n go reps

D) CONDITIONING (40:00 – 60:00)

For time:
100 Russian KBS (70, 53)
*EMOM: 5 Up Downs
*This workout STARTS with 6 up downs

Rx+:(Band Resisted Kettlebell Swings) (6 Burpees EMOM)
L3: (53, 35)
L2: (45, 30)
L1: (35, 25)


3 Rounds of:
Banded Glute Bridge x 30
Standing Calves x 30
Rest as needed